Joseph Daniel Henning, 42, of Arcadia was arrested on April 26 on charges of sexual battery by an adult on a victim under 12 and false imprisonment. In a heavily redacted arrest report, the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office outlined the alleged facts in the arrest.

According to the arrest report, a witness who lived nearby one day questioned the whereabouts of a particular child. Not long after, the child in question came out of a house holding her mouth and being followed by Henning who was reportedly "visibly shaken and nervous."

The witness told a detective that, when questioned, the victim described Henning forcing the victim to perform a sexual act, and that he later sexually molested the victim.

Detectives went to question Henning. He was again "visibly shaking" as they spoke, but he denied the allegation of any sexual battery. He claimed he took the victim to his room only to make a birthday card. Yet detectives could not find any papers or other craft-type items in his room.

The report indicates Henning allowed detectives to take the bed cover and sheets from his bed. They subsequently secured a search warrant under which they collected Henning's clothing and samples from his body.

The victim described how Henning allegedly took her into a room and locked the door so no one could come in. When she cried out in pain, Henning told her to be quiet and admonished her to "keep everything a secret," the report states.

The victim reportedly said Henning had been doing "the nasty stuff" multiple times in the past, spanning more than a year. 

Henning was arrested on 21 counts of sexual assault by an adult on a victim under 12 and one count of false imprisonment of a child with the commission of sexual battery. He is being held in the DeSoto County Jail on no bond and has a court date on July 1. (One of the sexual battery charges has a bond amount of $150,000 but the rest are listed as "no bond.")


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