The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office reported the arrest of Shannon Marie Acevedo, 35, for the alleged possession of controlled substances without a prescription.

According to records from CCSO, on April 29 a deputy saw a car go halfway past the stop bar before coming to a stop. As the deputy pulled the car over, he saw the front passenger (Acevedo) appear to shove something down the front of her pants.

Upon being questioned, Acevedo admitted she had three hypodermic needles in her purse. As a deputy began to search the car, another officer saw Acevedo place her hands down the front of her pants. When he grabbed her arms, a blue pill (later identified as Clonazepam) fall to the ground.

The arrest report indicates two bags of methamphetamine were found in baggies inside her pants, and a third baggie was found to contain heroin. When questioned, she said the driver had handed those baggies to her when the car was stopped and she tried to hide them in her pants. Further, she reportedly admitted she has a drug problem and would like to get off.

Acevedo was charged with three counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and possession or use of drug equipment. She remains in jail on $12,500 bond.


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