The DeSoto County 2018 varsity boys soccer team has gotten off to a good start this season. They not only have not lost a game, but keeper Salvador Altamirano has had nothing but “clean sheets” with three straight shutouts!

After a scoreless tie with Cardinal Mooney, the Bulldogs followed that up with a 2-0 win over Sarasota Military Academy. Monday night it was the Charlotte Tarpons that fell to the Bulldogs, 3-0.

With the threat of rain in the forecast, the Bulldogs got off to a quick start with Jade Zepeda putting the Bulldogs on the board in the first seven minutes. “Honestly,” he said, “it was the goal-keeper’s mistake. I was just there and happened to be in the right spot at the right time. He tried to catch the ball and it slipped out and I just kicked it in.”

Zepeda also had an assist on the Bulldogs’s second goal.

Just six minutes after the first goal, Javier Barajas gave the DeSoto boys a 2-0 lead with help from Zepeda. Late in the first half Barajas scored again to give the Bulldogs a 3-0 lead at halftime.

The final goal from Barajas was a case of really nice footwork from the junior forward. The ball went through the referee’s legs and as Barajas dribbled towards the goal, the Tarpon keeper yelled “Are you serious?”

“I was pressuring the defender and the ball went between the ref’s legs and he went around the ref and I just beat him on the run.

“I had an open shot on the right side, so I took it. I rolled the ball with my right foot and then rolled it back to fake him out and it worked,” said Barajas.

With a torrential downpour in the second half that lasted about 15 minutes, the Bulldogs protected their lead and put in several substitutes and hung on for the win.

“In the first half they did just what I asked them to do and we had a period of about 10 minutes when we didn’t do it, but I am happy with our results. We have to keep pressing and be aggressive. Our keeper had another clean sheet ... and that is amazing,” said coach Jose Garcia.

Barajas is happy with how the team is playing and is confident for the season.

“We’re looking good,” he said. “This formation we had today was working for us and I think we’ve got districts this year.”


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