Attempted murder suspects

From left: Juan Daniel Olguin, Francisco Olguin and Emilio Govea.

Three brothers were arrested on attempted murder charges in DeSoto County on Saturday night after they allegedly tried to kill someone who they have a history of ongoing beef with.

On Dec. 19, a group of about 15 people were hanging out in the backyard of a home on Hillsborough Ave. in Arcadia.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang, and the three brothers had arrived to “jump” the victim, witnesses told police.

Juan Daniel Olguin, 32, hit the victim with a baseball bat, and Fransisco Olguin, 26, repeatedly punched the victim with brass knuckles, according to a police report.

Emilio Govea, 23, also allegedly hit the victim, but the victim was not certain what Govea used to hit him.

The victim fell face first into the gravel and the brothers lifted his ponytail, punched him in the face and kicked him, a police report states.

As the victim was getting beaten, he felt like he was going to black out and die, he told police.

The beating ultimately stopped when multiple other people got involved and tried to break up the fight, police said.

When the victim finally stood up and reached for the bat, Juan Olguin pulled out a handgun and flagged everyone as the three brothers and one unknown person got into a black Nissan truck, witnesses said.

The victim said that if it wasn’t for his friends who broke up the fight, he’d probably be dead. He told police that Juan and Francisco Olguin are professional boxers and he thought they were trying to kill him because they used weapons to beat him until he blacked out.

This incident was likely in retaliation for a history of problems, the victim told police. About 20 days prior, Francisco Olguin allegedly broke the victim’s back car window and later, the victim’s friends “jumped” Francisco Olguin, the victim told police. Then, about a week before the incident, one of his friends got “jumped” by Francisco Olguin and his brothers, the victim said.

The victim said he doesn’t know how the brothers found him that night on Dec. 19.

A warrant was issued Dec. 23, and the men were arrested on Saturday. Bond was posted at $100,000 each and the trio bonded out of the DeSoto County Jail on Monday.

Juan Olguin and Govea live in Arcadia and Francisco Olguin lives in Sarasota, according to the men’s booking reports.

Arraignments are scheduled for March 1. No attorneys had been assigned as of Tuesday afternoon, according to court dockets.

The suspects could not be reached for comment.


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