Many of the area’s best high school senior football players are taking part in an all-star game this Saturday.

The South-Central All-Star game at Firemen’s Memorial Field in Sebring this Saturday at 4 p.m., features many of the region’s best players. The South’s roster has 24 area players, from Charlotte, DeSoto, Lemon Bay, North Port and Port Charlotte. Players from Labelle, Hardee, Moore Haven, Clewiston and Gateway fill out the roster.

“It’s pretty cool for the kids to come together and play with each other,” said Binky Waldrop, Charlotte Tarpons football coach.

The game itself is part of the area’s tradition and has a deep history, said Jordan Ingman, Port Charlotte Pirates football coach.

“There’s a lot of coaches who’ve played in this game, and are now coaching in this game.” said Ingman. “It’s fun to watch them compete against other outstanding players. The roster’s evenly distributed among all the area football teams.”

The game provides the players with another opportunity to be seen, said Bumper Hay, DeSoto Bulldogs football coach.

“Anything to get those guys exposure and get them an education, that’s the most important thing,” said Hay.

The following area seniors are part of this year’s South-Central All Star game, Alex Muse, QB, Charlotte; Mark Jean Louis, RB, Port Charlotte; Robert Broderick, OL, Charlotte; Lawrence Roth, OL, North Port; Eddie Koor, Charlotte; Tyler Bearsworth, TE, Charlotte; Chase Watter, DT; Charlotte; Anthony Whitehead, DT, Charlotte; Kyle Dragon, DT, Lemon Bay; Wyatt Soucy, DT, Lemon Bay; Zenan Chamizo, DE, Charlotte; Liam Johnson, DE, Lemon Bay; Dillan Evans, LB, DeSoto; Charis Clark, LB, Port Charlotte; Trayvis Smith, LB, DeSoto; Jade Walker, CB, North Port; Nate Rowe, CB, DeSoto; Robert Washington, CB, North Port; Nemiah Hillard, CB, DeSoto; Nathan Maybell, S, DeSoto; Kwassmi Wilson, S, DeSoto; Marcus Nelson, S, Port Charlotte; Nico Creola, S, Charlotte and Dereck McCormick, K, Port Charlotte.


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