The Venice High girls weightlifting squad hosted a home dual meet with Sarasota on Thursday, and easily defeated the short-handed Sailors.

The Indians outscored the Sailors, 58-9.

Among the weight-class winners for Venice were Camrin Palmer, Lilly Denley, Kylee Flaherty-Cohen, Jordan Deans, Rena Kotti, Celeste Lachambre, Arianna Kerr, and Kaysee Romero.

“We really won based on numbers, but the good thing is we had about seven or eight (personal records),” said Venice coach Sascha Hyer. “I feel good about the personal bests, because they feel good about that. The girls here really love the sport and there’s a lot of bonding with them. They don’t just cheer for each other, but they often cheer for the girls on the other team.”

Palmer, a senior, was among those who earned a new personal best for Venice. In fact, she achieved two.

“I benched 100 pounds and clean and jerked 105, so I was really pleased with that,” said Palmer. “My coach really pushes me to do heavier and heavier weights, and that’s paid off.

“This is really fun for me and I’ve loved it ever since a friend of mine got me into it freshman year.”

The Indians’ Kerr, a junior, was another who exceeded or equaled her personal bests to win her weight class. She benched 190 lbs. in the bench press and jerked 170. In the clean and jerk, she just missed out on her attempt at 180.

“I need to work on my elbow flexibility and be a little quicker with my wrist flip,” said Kerr on how she plans to succeed at 180. “I’ve tried it in practice, so I know I can do it.”


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