Seven boys weightlifting teams converged on Lemon Bay High School on Saturday for the Manta Ray Invite, but the Tarpons of Charlotte High were the ones deemed strongest.

The Tarpons finished first with 55 team points followed by Lemon Bay with 44. North Port finished in fifth with 30 points.

Here are the top performers per school:

Charlotte: Herbas Telfort (2nd, 119 class, 285 combined), Jaden Opalach (2nd, 139 class, 445 combined), Kaden Howell (3rd, 139 class, 390 combined), Cutter Rebol (2nd, 169 class, 520 combined), Jayden Grant (1st, 199 class, 590 combined), Malakai Menzer (3rd, 219 class, 500 combined), Hayden Robertson (2nd, 238 class, 495 combined), Eddie Koor (3rd, HWT, 545 combined).

Lemon Bay: Caleb Cooper (1st, 129 class, 390 combined), Jordan Andrle (2nd, 154 class, 480 combined), Cody Saruer (1st, 169 class, 560 combined), Alan Symons (3rd, 183 class, 465 combined), Keegan Marinola (2nd, 199 class, 550 combined), Jacob Patterson (3rd, 238 class, 490 combined).

North Port: Jordan Moya (1st, 119 class, 325 combined), Noemiah Drumgood (3rd, 129 class, 340 combined), Peter Pollack (1st, 139 class, 490), Steven Dvorwik (3rd, 154 class, 465 combined), Donovan Campbell (2nd, 219 class, 530 combined).

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