Jacaranda rendering

This rendering shows what a proposed 96-unit low-income housing project would have looked like on Loveland Boulevard, if it had gotten a higher lottery number from the state.

Affordable housing advisers will present the newest strategies for attracting developers Tuesday to Charlotte County commissioners.

Later in the day, the city of Punta Gorda will propose a joint septic-to-sewer conversion project. The board will get the latest details of water and sewer projects and funding Tuesday.

The affordable housing presentation is at 9 a.m. and the utility presentation is at 2 p.m. both at 18500 Murdock Circle. Public comment is scheduled at the beginning of the afternoon session.

Affordable housing has proven elusive for Charlotte County in recent years. Advocates including county staff and local citizens have proposed that the county set up a new incentive system for developers, rather than rely on the annual lottery for state financing of affordable housing. That conclusion came after one project fell through due to lack of developer interest. Two more fell through when the developers failed to draw the lucky number in the state housing finance lottery.

The proposal before commissioners Tuesday includes a scoring system for rating developers and a proposal to waive impact fees. Information on fees for water and utility connections are included in the presentation.

According to information in the proposal, the developer of a single family home currently pays $22,816 in fees including water, sewer connections along with building and impact fees. An apartment unit cost totals $13,475. Impact fees are charges the county has chosen to tack on to new construction to cover the impact of development ranging from roads to parks to libraries. Charlotte County’s are far lower than its coastal neighbors. Inland, DeSoto County has no impact fees.

Housing officials from Manatee County shared their successful strategies with commissioners in January, when they pointed out that their incentives did not seem to attract developers until the county tripled its impact fees. Commissioners were impressed with Manatees results and approach.

Proposed scoring for Charlotte County would give developers more points for more housing units, for apartments over single family homes, and for lower incomes served.

Punta Gorda’s septic to sewer proposal focuses on three areas in the city representing around 1,300 lots, more than half of which are developed.

The presentation notes other areas in the city and south where there will be future need for sewers. The proposal outlines how much the county could contribute, to keep the homeowner costs to $11,500 per unit, and how much the city could contribute for different types of systems.


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