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A house recently under construction at Babcock Ranch in Charlotte County.

There’s more building going on lately compared to prior years across the region, according to building permit data from Charlotte County and the cities of Punta Gorda and North Port.

The city of North Port has issued 10,000 building permits this year – the most since 2006.

The city issued more than 1,000 additional permits so far this year, already exceeding last year’s total of 9,018, said William Kiddy, administrative services specialist for North Port’s Neighborhood Development Services.

Out of those this year, 1,241 home permits have been issued, compared to 1,036 last year in North Port. That’s about 20 percent more.

North Port areas experiencing the most growth are the Woodlands area on the city’s east side, and the West Villages, which is due to the development of the new Atlanta Braves spring training stadium, Kiddy said.

And North Port is not alone. Building permits are also on the rise in Punta Gorda and Charlotte County.

In Charlotte County, total building permits and single family building permits have only increased over the past three fiscal years, according to numbers from the county.

Single-family residential building permits surged about 57 percent — from 1,024 in the 2015-16 fiscal year — to 1,607 in fiscal year 2017-2018.

And total building permits issued in Charlotte County have risen about 28 percent in that time, from 21,833 to 28,016.

In Punta Gorda, building permits have also increased, according to numbers from the city.

With 247 building permits issued as of October, that’s about 40 percent more than the 176 issued during October of last year.

October’s 247 was also up from the month before, which saw 165.

Most of the 247 permits in October in Punta Gorda were deemed miscellaneous, or 163. Other permits involved swimming pools, 11, a commercial building, 14 single family homes, 4 demolished structures, 24 dwelling and building alterations and 30 canals.

While the number of home permits rose this year in North Port, the number of commercial permits went down. The city issued 49 commercial permits so far this year and 71 in total last year.

“It shows the growth that North Port is going through,” Kiddy said. “We’re continuing to grow and it’s not slowing down. It’s just getting bigger and bigger every year so far since we’ve been doing it.”

Assistant Editor Andrea Praegitzer contributed to this report.


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