Ace Drums in Port Charlotte has no employees. It's just owner Kenneth Vito Giunta who is running the show. And after 10 years, the shop has evolved from a neighborhood music store.

Name Of Business: Ace Drums

Address: 2541 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte

Owner: Kenneth Vito Giunta

Telephone: 941-979-5457

Q.) When did you open your business?

A.) Selling, trading, and doing drum stuff since 2008.

Q.) What has changed since you opened?

A.) We offer lessons, guitar merchandise we have evolved from a neighborhood music store to serving customers from all over the country. We have become a destination. There are very few music stores that specialize in drums.

Q.) How many employees do you have?

A.) None.

Q.) What is your most popular item or service?

A.) We carry accessories that you cannot get anywhere else.

Q.) What's the hardest part about your business?

A.) Finding the space for everything everyone wants.

Q.) What sets you apart from other businesses?

A.) We offer a very comfortable, open, safe, environment where people can come to exchange ideas and stories. It's like being in a general store we are here to help the future generation of musicians.

Q.) What advice do you have for someone just starting a business?

A.) Don't do it! Go home and hide! Really need to do your homework have a business plan, be involved with the chamber and small business association.

Q.) What's the future hold for your business?

A.) We have had a steady growth and we will continue to be bigger and bigger and serve our customers in their needs. We work with everyone from the beginner to the professional.


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