The hardest part about running West Wall Outfitters, according to owner Josh Greer, is watching everyone else fish while he has to work. The Port Charlotte business boasts a kayak shop, fly shop and fishing charters.

Q.) When did you open your business?

A.) We opened in 2011. I have owned it for three years now.

Q.) What has changed since you opened?

A.) A lot has changed, we have expanded especially with our fly fishing. We have doubled the size of the Kayaks we offer as well.

Q.) How many employees do you have?

A.) Just me.

Q.) What is your most popular item or service?

A.) Our fishing charters, fly fishing, classes in fly fishing and our fly fishing accessories.

Q.) What is the hardest part about your business?

A.) Not being able to go fishing. Watching everyone else fish.

Q.) What sets you apart from other businesses?

A.) Our know how and our customer service; we don’t have customers we have friends.

Q.) What advice do you have for someone just starting a business?

A.) Invest in your customers. Be active in your community. And be real.

Q.) What’s the future hold for your business?

A.) I hope we continue to grow and open more stores. I would like to help more people get involved in fly fishing.


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