Kava Culture

Jacqueline Rusher the co-owner of Kava Culture Kava Bar in Port Charlotte enjoys sipping her Kava in the outside area of the establishment.

Jacqueline Rusher, co-owner of Kava Culture Kava Bar in Port Charlotte, says one of the best parts of her business is that “the community here is just so awesome!” Kava Culture has a bar, indoor tables, a couch area and outdoor seating as well. According to Kava Culture’s website, Kava root is found in the tropics and has compounds that may help to keep your mind “calm, sharp and clear.”

Q.) When did you open your business?

A.) We opened in November of 2018.

Q.) What has changed since you opened?

A.) We have gotten to meet more of the Port Charlotte community and we are always creating new drinks to serve our customers.

Q.) How many employees do you have?

A.) We currently have six employees.

Q.) What is your most popular item on the menu?

A.) Our Raspberry Lemonade is currently the most popular. However that changes with the weather.

Q.) What’s the hardest part about your business?

A.) When things break like our ice machine.

Q.) What sets you apart from other businesses?

A.) Well, we are the only place in town that serves Kava.

Q.) What advice do you have for someone starting a business?

A.) Do your research. First make sure your following guide lines and rules. Having a good location is also very important.

Q.) What’s the future hold for your business?

A.) We will be adding events and possibly food.


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