It’s a wonderful thing that the general public feels confident that the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce has the answer to just about everything. And I mean everything. Back in the day when the world relied on phone books, the calls would come in from folks for us to look up numbers for them … in the phonebook they had in front of them that they swore didn’t have the listing. It did.

Today’s calls are sometimes different, but many times the same. Let’s play, shall we?

Question: Where does the sun set?

Chamber answer: The west.

Question: Can you tell us where we can rent an inexpensive house on the water for the next three weeks?

Chamber answer: Your best several places to try would be … no, I’m kidding. The only place right now is probably in your dreams.

Question: How far away is Fishermen’s Wharf?

Chamber answer: That’s about 2,993 miles to the northwest. But if you meant Fishermen’s Village, just go a few blocks that-a-way.

Question: Where is that public place for cakes?

Chamber answer: I’m not quite sure what you mean, but we have several bakeries … ohhhh, you mean Publix!

Question: Is the Freeman House Haunted?

Chamber answer: Not as far as we know, and paranormal teams have checked it out. Twice.

Question: Why is it so windy?

Chamber Answer: Ummmm, Mother Nature?

Question: Where are the largemouth bass?

Chamber answer: Inland. Lakes and pond.

Question: When do the Rays football games start?

Chamber answer: Well, we haven’t heard about that yet, but the Rays Spring Training baseball games start on Feb. 23.

Chamber member events

Members of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce will enjoy their monthly “Networking at Noon” event on Wednesday at Captain Crabs Seafood and Sushi in Port Charlotte. Even though the world has gone crazy with electronic options, the good ol’ face-to-face of membership organizations the real-life avenue for local business owners and representatives to actually MEET each other. Their mutual memberships give them the commonality of respected professionalism. We continue to listen to our member’s needs and adjust our events and services to meet those needs.

Also on Wednesday we will celebrate the ribbon cutting of new member The Phoenician Treatment Spa, at 3400 Tamiami Trail, Suite 103, in Port Charlotte. This ceremonial beginning will surely provide many of us a glimpse of their services menu, including relaxing massages.

Thursday is Government Day for the Leadership Charlotte Class of 2020. Their travels and meetings for the day will include the Charlotte County Public Safety Building, the East Port Environmental Campus, Deputy County Administrator Hector Flores, Assistant County Administrator Emily Lewis, County Commission Chairman Bill Truex, Public Works Maintenance and Operation Manager Jason Quimet, Mosquito and Aquatic Weed Control Director Scott Schermerhorn, Biological Specialist Beth Carey-Kovach, the Punta Gorda Library, Charlotte County Clerk of Courts Official Records Director Crystal Henderson, Property Appraiser Paul Polk, Tax Collector Vickie Potts, Supervisor of Elections Paul Stamoulis, the Punta Gorda Public Safety Complex tours of the Punta Gorda Police and Fire departments, City Manager Howard Kunik, Capt. Norm Nahra, Chief Ray Briggs, the Charlotte County Public Safety Building and a tour of the Emergency Operations Center, training tower presentation, Emergency Management Director Patrick Fuller, Deputy Chief Mike Davis, and Public Relations Manager Todd Dunn.

Wow. THAT will be a full day!

Back to chamber questions

One last addition. My favorite chamber question of all time; where can I buy a used coffin?

Chamber answer:

Teri Ashley is the executive director of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce, with offices in both Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte. She can be reached at 941-639-2222 or at


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