Strolling down West Dearborn Street here in Englewood the other day, I came upon a new business that had only been open a couple of weeks.

It’s called Off The Wave, and it’s a beachwear store that caters mostly to men.

I got to thinking, this is the type of store that’s really needed here in town, a store that has a majority of its line dedicated to the other 50 percent of the swimmers you might see at our beaches. There are many apparel stores that carry items for men, but all the independent boutiques in town seem more geared toward the fairer sex.

Now, this store doesn’t fit the definition of a “mens’ store,” either. There are no button-down shirts, ties, suits or wing-tip shoes. Nope, this one has what the well-dressed man is wearing around the pool, in the surf, or just sipping a cool one under the palms.

I asked owner Brad Pike, what exactly does Off The Wave mean? He said he’d heard the phrase, and it kind of rung a bell with him and thought it would be a good name for a beachwear store.

Yes, it’s really a clothing store, but he does feature some furniture painted by his son Spencer who is here from Virginia to help his dad get set up and started. Spencer is more into music, but he has created an aria with the furniture. His painted furniture is about as Florida and tropical as wood can be. (To see a much bigger showing of their furniture you might want to go to their other store, Funky Thrifty, 200 S. McCall Road. It’s very different, a thrift/consignment store all wrapped into one.)

There are a couple of things I really liked about Off The Wave, and one is Brad’s inventory. He loves Florida manufacturers. The clothes lines he features are from Fish Skinz from Titusville, the Local Lifestyle & Apparel Brand and Scales Gear from Palm Beach. Another brand is Straight Up Southern from Carolina. If that doesn’t tell you he is all about the beach, nothing does.

There is also a complete line of Havaianas Flip- Flops from Brazil, which is just about the top of the line in keeping your feet safe from the hot sand.

Some of his clothes lines feature UVA protection built in. That way you can walk the beach and do not have to put on all that greasy sunscreen. Brad has large beach hats to protect you from the sun’s rays as well. You can look great and wear your sun protection as you stroll the beach. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I know I featured the men’s line, but there is plenty for the ladies also. The store is brand new and well-stocked with all types of beach items for your selection. It should be, as Brad just got back from a huge shopping buy at the Atlantic Market, meaning everything is fresh, new and really sharp.

Check them out at 409 W. Dearborn St., or call 941-473-WAVE (9283). Like their page on Facebook for updated information about the upcoming grand opening.


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