Cooler weather is here, at least temporarily. Are you happy now?

Most people really are enjoying the respite from hot, muggy weather. I admit, I too find it nice to be able to roll down the car windows and work in the yard in comfort.

It’s not the best for going to the beach or the pool. But, thanks to an accident cleaning out the garage, I’m forbidden to go in the water anyway. Some stitches in my leg, compliments of an errant piece of glass, have sidelined me from water sports for a while.

The accident also reminded me how anyone prescribed blood thinners should never put themselves in a situation to have a deep gash anywhere on their body.

While I pondered how to stop the bleeding — and my family declared they were getting sick — I came up with some questions in an attempt to distract myself. So, if you’ll pardon me for asking:

• Can you make it to the going-away party for Julie Mathis at 5:30 p.m. today at the Four Points Sheraton’s Tiki Bar in Punta Gorda? The Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce’s former executive director will take a bow and leave tomorrow for her new home in the Carolinas. I hear everyone is invited, even if you are not a chamber member.

• Why do so many car dealers prop open the hood of their cars? Do they believe we can really tell if today’s complicated and crammed-in motors are special?

• So what are you looking forward to the most? The Christmas parades on land or the Christmas boat parades?

• If my sources are correct and most of the Sunseeker workers are staying in local hotels, how much money must they be making to afford that? I wonder where locals can sign up for those jobs?

• Do you really believe the story I read that says the hole in a doughnut was invented when someone shot an arrow through a piece of dough? Do you think the person they were aiming at escaped unharmed?

• Did you hear about the kid who was locked out of the house and decided to be like Santa Claus and go down the chimney to get in? It really happened. The kid got stuck, but was okay after help arrived.

• Where can I go hear Al Holland perform? I know Al’s not ready to retire yet.

• Speaking of Al, I bet he was at the shindig last month to pay homage to his good friend and all-around great guy, the late Wilson Williams. Did you go? I was out of town visiting a sick in-law and missed it, but I can imagine there was some soulful music played and funny stories told.

• Are you still looking, like me, for great hushpuppies? Farlow’s On the Water in Englewood is making a run for the title of best hushpuppies in the area. I had an opportunity to try them a couple of weeks ago. They are in the running.

• Is it true there is a new Dollar General going in on McCall Road just a block southeast of the Winn-Dixie and Swirls-N-Curls ice cream shop?

• And finally, if you currently have no primary physician, who do you go to to extract stitches in your leg? Emergency room (too expensive)? Your cardiologist (no appointment available)? Maybe my wife can cut them out.

John Hackworth is commentary editor of the Sun newspapers. You can contact him at


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