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Nevrille Bellot lost more than 130 pounds through CrossFit training. He will compete at the Fit Nation Thunderdome competition at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center in Punta Gorda.


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One’s current circumstances can often lead to an unbelievable transformation.

Nevrille “Hercules” Bellot was far from pleased with the direction his life had taken. He was tipping the scales at more then 300 pounds, 303 to be exact, and wanted to make a change. There was a point in his life where he wasn’t able to bend down and tie his shoe.

However, becoming physically fit would not only benefit him personally, the demands of his chosen profession places an emphasis on being well-conditioned. He then found his way into a CrossFit gym in Estero two years ago. He will be competing at the Fit Nation Thunderdome competition Time To Commit at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center, July 27-28.

CrossFit has been beneficial not only to improving his physical well-being, helping him to lose weight and to become better conditioned, but it also gave Bellot a unique network, the other major variable that helped make the training a daily part of his routine.

“I got into CrossFit because I noticed it was a community where a lot people help each other,” said Bellot. “I thought that was great.”

Bellot received a great deal of encouragement and support from the people training at the CrossFit gym, and within two weeks he could see positive results.

“I eventually lost 133 pounds and I’m in the best shape of my life,” said Bellot, who played football in high school. It was while he was playing football that he earned the named Hercules because of his natural strength.

The transformation from his former self to his current state has made a marked difference.

“Due to my job, it’s very hard to work in my field and be that weight,” said Bellot. “I know a lot of people don’t feel protected when they see a cop 303 pounds. I had to make a change for myself.”

The weight began falling off, with Bellot losing about five pounds a week, staying consistent with the workouts.

“I stopped drinking juice and anything like that, I just took water, that was all my intake as far as beverages go,” said Bellot. “As far as food, I just stopped eating out. I just cook my own food now. Even now, if it’s not as healthy as it should be, I notice just me cooking it alone is 10 times better than actually going to a restaurant or going to fast food places and eating out.”

The transformation increased Bellot’s confidence and self-esteem level, so much so that he’s now competing in CrossFit competitions.

“It was literally that one year mark that I decided to join that competition,” said Bellot.

The sport features a lot of body movement and Bellot’s focus was to be as well-rounded as possible.“At first it was like master this gymnastic movement, try to be good at them, like bar muscle-ups, pull-ups, so then I told myself let’s try to get some weight on the bar and see if I can pick up heavyweight,” said Bellot.

“Eventually, increase that weight. It was a mix of everything. It was fun not to just be good at one thing, but try to be well-rounded within the sport.”

CrossFit has improved Bellot’s life dramatically. He has the ability to walk up stairs without being fatigued or out of breath.

“Being on the job, if I have to chase a suspect, I’m not out of breath as much as I used to be, I can actually run for miles and be good with it,” said Bellot.

“It changed my life a lot.”

The loss of weight and change in Bellot’s physique has made him unrecognizable to colleagues, friends and family, who haven’t seen him in some time.

“There was actually a point, when I hadn’t seen my mother for a while,” said Bellot.

“When I went down to see her. She was confused as to who I was.”

Bellot’s success and transformation has inspired a number of his co-workers to take up CrossFit to improve their quality of life.


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