Students in Charlotte County will begin their school day 15 minutes earlier starting in the fall.

The School Board on Tuesday unanimously approved starting the school day 15 minutes earlier and ending 15 minutes later, adding 30 minutes to the school day.

The earliest start time will be for high school students, at 7:10 a.m., and the latest will be for middle school, at 9:10 a.m.

The district promised to add an additional half-hour of instructional time to the school day if the tax referendum passed last November.

As a result of the additional $17 million per year in operating costs the district is estimated to receive, the district added that time, as promised.

Board members passed the new school schedules without comment.

School official announces retirementChuck Breiner, the district’s assistant superintendent in charge of human resources, will retire effective Aug. 31 after 10 years in Charlotte County.

Patrick Keegan, who currently serves as the director of human resources and employee benefits, will step into Breiner’s role. The district’s other assistant superintendent is Jerry Olivo, who is in charge of district support services.

District spokesperson Mike Riley said Keegan has been working directly under Breiner for a while, and as a result the district feels he is prepared to step into the position of assistant superintendent.



List of SchoolsCurrent Start/End Times2019-20 Start/End Times
Charlotte High 7:25-1:55 7:10-2:10
Lemon Bay High 7:25-1:55 7:10-2:10
Port Charlotte High 7:25-1:55 7:10-2:10
Charlotte Harbor Center 7:25-1:55 7:10-2:10
Charlotte Technical College 7:45-2:25 7:30-2:40
Academy 7:55-2:25 7:40-2:40
Deep Creek Elementary 8:35-2:35 8:20-2:50
Liberty Elementary 8:35-2:35 8:20-2:50
Meadow Park Elementary 8:35-2:35 8:20-2:50
Myakka River Elementary 8:35-2:35 8:20-2:50
Sallie Jones Elementary 8:35-2:35 8:20-2:50
East Elementary 8:55-2:55 8:40-3:10
Kingsway Elementary 8:55-2:55 8:40-3:10
Neil Armstrong Elementary 8:55-2:55 8:40-3:10
Peace River Elementary 8:55-2:55 8:40-3:10
Vineland Elementary 8:55-2:55 8:40-3:10
Baker Center 8:55-2:55 8:40-3:10
L.A. Ainger Middle 9:25-3:55 9:10-4:10
Murdock Middle 9:25-3:55 9:10-4:10
Port Charlotte Middle 9:25-3:55 9:10-4:10
Punta Gorda Middle 9:25-3:55 9:10-4:10

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