Charlotte Technical College

PORT CHARLOTTE— Students who plan to enroll in Charlotte Technical College can plan to see a change in tuition costs.

For the cosmetology program, students can expect savings totaling over $1,200.

The kit students were required to buy for class cost almost $1,400, their uniforms added an additional $250.

Now, the cost of the kit is $688. The program added a lab fee of $100, which will be used to purchase class sets of supplies and materials to replace individual sets of supplies and materials that were once included in the kit.

Director of Charlotte Technical College Deelynn Bennett said: “The items that drove up the kit cost should have been class sets. Items such as perm rods, sculpture nail kit, clipper oil, clipper disinfectants, gloves, processing caps, rollers, pedicure sets, manicure supplies were excessive and not needed.”

Her ultimate goal is trying to reduce the overall cost for students.

“Every salon has these supplies on hand. The lab fee would cover cost of class set supplies for students during the year and the replacement and up keep,” said Bennett.

Bennett said students can now purchase their uniforms at Walmart for under $60.

In addition, Bennett said for the cosmetology program, she is only requiring students to purchase a textbook. This eliminated two work books that totaled nearly $100. Instead, Bennett will have them recreated in Google Classroom for the students to use.

The new fee structure will begin with the evening class and the new day students on Jan. 8.

The Firefighter Program at Charlotte Technical College will see a slight increase in their fees beginning with the Firefighter I and II program on Jan. 6.

The school works in conjunction with the Englewood Fire Academy to prepare students to work in the field.

Students will see an increase in the cost of equipment rental from $922.50 to $1,017.50.

The increase is due to changes in the cost of certified rental equipment, which includes bunker coat, pants, helmet and shield.

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