Local school officials say the state's ban on teaching critical race theory won't affect schools here.

The Florida Board of Education passed a rule earlier this month that limits teachings of history and bans lessons that appoint "critical race theory," an academic movement that examines the law as it intersects with race and equity.

The new rule insinuates teachers could "indoctrinate" students through history lessons without said guidelines. 

Parents across Charlotte County have expressed concerns regarding the teaching of critical race theory at recent school board meetings, but local school officials say it is not, nor has it been, a part of the curriculum. 

Some parents recently reached out to The Daily Sun to share their concerns about CRT being taught at a Charlotte County charter school, Babcock Neighborhood School, but Principal Shannon Treece denied it is being taught.

"BNS teaches the facts of history per the Florida State Standards; therefore, this change will not impact our curriculum," she stated.

The Florida State Standards, which go hand in hand with student assessments, do not include critical race theory. Therefore, many districts have determined the ban will not make a difference in their schools.

Charlotte County School District spokesperson Mike Riley said that, although he does not speak for BNS and its governing board, schools in the county only teach and test from the standards.

"This is not a part of our Florida State Standards," said Riley. "We will follow the law."

John Jordan, president of the Charlotte Florida Education Association, weighed in on the matter.

"Professional Florida teachers teach the standards set down by the state Board of Education," he said. "I am not aware of anything this law does that changes those standards."

Sarasota County Schools Media Relations Specialist Kelsey Whealy stated although private and charter schools across the county are governed separately, public schools won't be affected.

"Critical race theory is not a part of the curriculum in our traditional public schools," she said. "Our district follows guidance from the Florida Department of Education for curriculum emphasis areas that are tied to state statutes & standards. We would only add a subject to our curriculum at the direction of the FLDOE."

The School District of DeSoto County did not provide a comment.


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