PORT CHARLOTTE— Allyn Shelatz and Kathy Sliker didn’t intend for their Exceptional Student Education (ESE) classes to create a museum, but that’s what happened.

The ESE classes at Peace River Elementary School began learning about sea life in the beginning of the year.

“It wasn’t planned, we started hanging up their pictures, and they said it looked like a museum, so we made a museum,” Shelatz said.

The students transformed the stairwell into a sea life museum and invited the entire school: students, teachers, and administrators to walk through and see what they learned.

Each student had a designated area, where they spoke about what they learned.

Six of the teacher’s 14 are non-verbal. Still, they played an important role in the guest’s museum experience. Some dressed up with shark or jellyfish hats, and others handed out brochures, and displayed their artwork.

Shelatz said she was pleased students had the chance to practice their public speaking, and the kids felt proud receiving compliments about their work from other members of the school.

“It’s a way for them to get out of the classroom and learn,” Shelatz said.

“Everybody got a part,” she said.

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