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The Charlotte County School Board approved a new policy regarding student use of medical marijuana Tuesday.

The policy, titled “Medical Marijuana Treatment and Medication Administration,” was created to comply with state law regarding the use of medical marijuana for patients with qualifying ailments.

For a minor to obtain a medical card in the state, they have to receive a recommendation from two physicians, apply with the state, then have their parent or guardian obtain a caregiver card to purchase the medication. As a minor, even if the student qualifies for use, they still cannot purchase product at a dispensary.

The policy states the medication “should only be administered on school district property during school hours when medication administration cannot reasonably be accomplished outside of school hours.”

In the limited circumstances when it is deemed medically necessary for administration to be done on campus, the caregiver must be present to administer the medication, then take it home with them. Medication will not be permitted to be stored on campus and school nurses, staff or other administrators are not permitted to administer the medication.

To read the policy in its entirety, visit the district website.

Rules apply to everyone … even School Board members

Charlotte schools are back in session.

School Board members were reminded this week that regardless of who you are, district employees are going to follow the rules when it comes to safety and security.

During the School Board workshop Tuesday morning, School Board member Kim Amontree said while visiting Sallie Jones Elementary School, one of the students on safety patrol, which helps visitors get around the school, asked her nicely to use the crosswalk when she’s crossing the street.

“Their safety patrol is to be commended,” she said.

“Both myself and Mr. (School Board member Ian) Vincent were asked to identify ourselves at our children’s schools — Charlotte High and Port Charlotte High, and Mr. (Jerry) Olivo, Assistant Superintendent was asked to show ID at Port Charlotte High School,” she added.

When visitors show up to any school in the district, they will see a video doorbell at the door. In order to gain access to the school, guests must ring the doorbells and hold up their ID before being buzzed in.

This week, the district official learned that employees will hold them accountable to the same rules as any other visitor visiting one of the schools.

“I would like to recognize all of our schools for taking safety seriously and enacting the district safety and security policy,” Amontree said. “I hope everyone who visits our schools understands why these precautions are necessary and is cooperative and patient with our staff.”



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