PHOTO PROVIDED Charlotte County Schools Superintendent Steve Dionisio remains as committed as he was when he took over as superintendent in 2015 to making Charlotte County among the best districts in the state.

The superintendent of Charlotte County Public Schools Steve Dionisio is expected to get more than a $13,090 raise beginning in July.

According to the superintendent’s amended and restated contract, which will be discussed at Tuesday’s board workshop, and voted on Tuesday night, his base salary for the upcoming year will be $164,500.

Spokesperson for the district Mike Riley said that all employees got raises due to the passage of the referendum in November, which would bring in an estimated $17 million per year in operating dollars for the district. The district promised to use these funds to add an additional half hour to the school day and to increase staff salary and benefits packages.

Riley said as a result of this, staff got a 6% increase across the board.

“He [the superintendent] was not gonna get a percentage more than anyone else,” Riley said.

Dionisio’s salary for the 2018-19 school year was $151,410, making the potential increase larger, or approximately 8.6%.

The percentage difference is because “furlough days are going away for administrators,” Riley said. “So he will be paid for 251 days instead of 245.”

According to the prospective contract, instead of receiving a vehicle and mileage reimbursement, Dionisio will also receive a supplemental salary of $725 a month, which is also intended to off-set his personal expenses in connection with board duties. This will add an extra $8,700 per year to his current salary.

And in July 2020, the superintendent will also receive a pay increase equivalent to the average percentage increase granted to the district instructional bargaining unit or 3 percent, whichever is less, according to the contract.

The contract also includes a longevity supplement, the amount indicated on the administrative salary schedule for district administrators, which will be paid to the superintendent annually. This supplement is determined by how long someone has been employed with the district.

The board may grant additional pay increases at any time due to their assessments of performance and conditions.

Additional benefits outlined in the amended contract:• A sum equal to 10% of his annual salary will go to a retirement plan for the superintendent, equivalent to approximately $16,450 yearly.

• The superintendent is entitled to two days of vacation days for each month of service. If the collective days exceed 60, the superintendent may decide to be paid the cash value of all days on each year on June 30. He may choose to use the days or be paid for all previous accrued vacation leave upon resignation or termination.

• The superintendent is entitled to one sick day per full month. He may use all previous accrued sick days as he sees fit. Upon resignation or termination, any unused days will be paid out in full.

• $50,000 life insurance coverage.

The amended contract will first be discussed at the board’s workshop meeting this Tuesday at 9:30 a.m., and voted on at the regular school board meeting at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Meetings are open to the public, and open to public comment. They’re at 1445 Education Way in Port Charlotte.


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