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Author Naomi Pringle will be one author featured during FGCU Herald Court’s “Caravan of Authors” event.

PUNTA GORDA — Florida Gulf Coast University Herald Court in Punta Gorda is celebrating the authors that have completed their books while attending one of the school’s programs.

The school will host “Caravan of Authors,” from Dec. 2 through Dec. 5, a series of talks that is free and open to the public, with 13 of the school’s writing course alumni. Of the 13 authors, they’ve had 19 books published.

The authors will discuss their work, offer tips and hold question-and-answer sessions.

“This is our chance to show off. All of the authors either took or taught classes here; they’re like members of the family,” said Nancy Staub, program coordinator at FGCU Herald Court.

“I think we all have stories in us, but these folks put in the dedication and hard work,” she added.

The write stuff

Monday, Dec. 2: Life and Death

Never Give Up!, Richard Hale

White Man’s Disease, Paul Thornton

The Diagnosis, Carolyn Colburn

Tuesday, Dec. 3: History and Fantasy

The 13th Goddess, Priscilla Douzanis Hurd

The Secret of the Scrolls, Priscilla Douzanis Hurd

Rapture, Joan Cook

Wet Goddess, Malcom Brenner

Wednesday, Dec. 4: Truth and Dare

Ginga Root Tea: An American Journey, Naomi Pringle

Lily: Riding the Color Line, Naomi Pringle

Lawyers, Lies, and Lipstick Breathe! Peaceful Shade of Death, Chuck Emma

Swiss Connections, Maria von Atzigen

The Convert, Marilyn Boehm

Thursday, Dec. 5: Arts and Leisure

Sketch with Your Camera or Computer Seeing Is More Than Just Looking, Jim Beech

Fractured Fairy Tale, Mary Lou Williams

The Joy of Cruising, Paul Thornton

Art by Dedo, Dedo

The sessions are from 5 to 7 p.m. at FGCU Herald Court, 117 Herald Court #211 in Punta Gorda.

For more information, call 941-505-0130



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