"In Christmas Town"

Candace Cameron Bure stars as elementary school teacher Lauren Gabriel decides to leave the comfortable and familiar – and career-only minded boyfriend – for a more family-friendly/white-picket fence lifestyle far from Boston in Hallmark Channel’s “In Christmas Town.”

Candace Cameron Bure’s Twitter bio hails her as the “Queen of Christmas,” a title she’s quick to say wasn’t self-given.

“The president of Hallmark gave me that title,” she says with a laugh. “I didn’t name myself that!” But no matter who bestowed the moniker, Bure is definitely Hallmark’s Christmas expert, starring in her eighth holiday movie for the network.

“In Christmas Town,” premiering Sunday, Bure stars as Lauren, a woman making some changes in her life, including moving to a new city to start fresh. But her train gets diverted to a tiny town named Grandon Falls – also known as Christmas Town. Lauren, who grew up in the foster system, finds a family among the town’s inhabitants, including a man and his foster son. The story celebrates family in its nontraditional forms, including adoption.

The film is one of 40 new original movies Hallmark will air during its “Countdown to Christmas,” which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Bure has been there from the beginning, and she understands why so many people flock to the network during the holidays.

“I think (Hallmark) knows how to do it right. They’ve got the formula, and they don’t change it. These movies always have a happy ending,” she says. “They’re heartwarming, they make you feel good, they remind you of home. They make you want to be a better person. They make you want to hug your kids a little longer and treat your husband or wife a little bit better.

“No matter what’s going on in life, you are slowed down, you take a pause and you’re reminded of the things that are most important – the relationships in your life.”

When asked about her own family traditions, Bure mentions spending time with others during the holidays.

“The biggest tradition we have is we serve at a homeless shelter Christmas morning. It’s a smaller one that holds about 60 people and we bring all the food and we cook. Then we sit down and eat with these families and people that are going through a hard time, and bring gifts and share stories. It’s really my favorite thing about Christmas.”

Her family has some traditions in the kitchen as well. “My husband makes beef Wellington and lobster mashed potatoes every Christmas Eve. That’s our traditional meal. And my mom has this amazing cookie recipe. They’re chocolate chip lace cookies, and I know the recipe and my sister has the recipe, but that’s it. We don’t share it with anyone, but I only make those cookies during the holidays. I’ll bake them during Christmastime and give those as gifts, in little tins. People love that.”


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