Editor’s Note: Don Royston wrote and submitted this column before he passed away Nov. 18.

In last week’s column, I reported in a very elementary way the details of the 11th Annual Fall Community event from start to finish that included some photos. Today I’m using pictures, taken by Lee and Bradley Teets, of various vintage autos that were made in the USA and other countries. Since these photos were shot during the show with “busy” backgrounds, the entire vehicle may not appear.

Again, as a representative of the Sun Newspapers, I want to thank everyone involved, especially those who brought their four-wheel gems for everyone to enjoy. Transportation of yesteryear was, when we look back, important in everyday people’s lives, and it was easy to identify the make and model of cars and trucks. Today most body styles look pretty much alike, except certain makes and models, and many cost more than our first house. The old saying “time marches on” is so true. We hope you like going back in time with us.


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