If you’ve ever seen the movie “Braveheart” (and who hasn’t?), you know the folks in the Middle Ages knew all about torture. That is evident in one of the final scenes when William Wallace (Mel Gibson) is put through the wringer as he faces his final goodbye.

I was thinking the other day about modern-day torture in the medical field. Now I say all this with tongue firmly in cheek because I think we have amazing doctors and the fact so many people live to be 100 nowadays proves the medical profession does a great job.

But, I wonder what those guys back in the Middle Ages would think about the fact we can put a tube down someone’s throat and wiggle it around in their stomach. Or, that we can make an incision in a person’s groin and run a similar tube up their body into their heart.

Or, that we can stick a needle in their arm, shoot them full of radioactive stuff and put them on a treadmill and have them walk uphill until they can’t take it anymore.

And, the greatest torture of all? We pay a lot of money for people to do this to us.

So, while I was in the doctor’s office the other day with a port sticking out of my arm, I began to ponder some questions. So, if you’ll pardon me for asking:

• What will they do with all those trees they're taking out of West Port (Murdock Village)?

• Did you know, according to that statistical monster WalletHub, that Florida is the 28th happiest state to live in? Another interesting fact, and contrary to everything I see in our area, is Florida also ranked last in people wanting to volunteer. That’s just not so around here. Hawaii, by the way, was the state where people were the happiest. I can imagine that.

• Can you get drunk eating beer-battered fish? What if you went to an all-you-can-eat seafood place that served beer-battered fish?

• Have you heard about Allegiant’s big plans for Kingsway Country Club? They’ll be closed most of 2020 to completely redo the course. Stay tuned for more.

• Don’t you feel sorry for Miami Dolphins’ football fans?

• Have you heard about Bob “Fig” Newton’s new gig? He’s working with Gateway Home Watch. They do all kinds of stuff but mainly will keep an eye on your home while you’re away. Fig had plenty of practice doing that in Atlanta recently.

• Do you know Kip Emery? I ran into the former psychologist for Charlotte County Public Schools the other day. He is now a FACT team leader at Charlotte Behavioral Health Care.

• Is Ian McGuire still in jail?

• Did we overreact on this coast to the threat of Hurricane Dorian, or were we just being smart?

• What’s the latest hold-up on the water park in North Port?

• What’s Bucky McQueen up to nowadays?

• And, finally, when your wife says she’s going to switch the TV room and the dining room and, in the middle of moving heavy furniture, you crash the buffet, glass doors and all, should you call a professional mover the next time?


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