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Do you want chickens on your block? Residents petition Charlotte County for rules like Sarasota County has

Carly Curry I’d rather hear happy clucking, and heck, even crowing, than some of the annoying barking dogs I hear constantly!

Robert Nelson Chickens are beneficial to areas. They eat bugs help keep air in the soil when scratching and pecking. Most other cities allow them in small numbers.

Steve Gilley My neighbor has some. They don’t bother me or anyone else that I know of.

Gun education

Donna Irene Stogsdill Not education ... just ban the assault rifles ... everything else is OK with me!!!! Come on, no one needs the AK47’s, etc ...

Nancy Fahey McCune No citizen needs a military weapon. Period.

Debbie Fisher Worked in UK, lived in UK ... the gun laws in UK have been generally the same for many, many decades ... and no violent crime has not went crazy.

Off the hook? Ban on shark fishing from pier likely

Linda Bristow Castellanete I have lived in Venice for 52 years and I grew up there at the Venice fishing pier- even meeting my husband who used the run the pier long before Sharky’s was there but was washed out of business with the no name storm! We never had a problem with our fishing clubs and not sure why they want to ban it now! It gave the kids something positive to do and kept them out of trouble! I remember the young and old participating and they became friends while respecting each other! I also remember them bagging the bait out and staying overnight on the pier while keeping to themselves! I myself caught a six and a half foot bull shark off the beach, and without the help from the guys in the club I would have never been able to land it! Our sport fishing club even started the shark census catch and release tournament with Mote Marine that benefited cancer research. Please leave them alone and let them continue what we once did

Raul Suarez I grew up shark fishing on that pier I remember rowing baits out at night time and it is one of my best childhood memories. It is absurd to even consider banning shark fishing from the pier.

Brad La Roche Ban shark fishing really so the kids have less things to do around here. It’s been going on for hundreds of years. And like somebody else said, why don’t we work on all the sewage we keep spilling every year. They just spilled 25,000 more gallons. Keep our water clean. That should be the cities’ main focus

Bob Ference They should ban sewage discharge into the Gulf every other week ... oh and the multimillion main street makeover — we REALLY REALLY needed that one. ugh

Tim Montgomery Ban out-of-town and out-of-state developers who are contributing to over-crowded schools, traffic congestion and REDUCED resale values on existing home properties because of all the NEW rooftops the City is dumping in East of I-75 !

Global Climate Strike hits local streets

Lloyd VanHoose I would rather be wrong than stand back and do nothing

Pat Mcmillin Even though I do worry about plastics, toxic waste, and over consumption, I also believe climate change is a natural phenomenon, that has happened since time began. I think people go to extremes. Go after Monsanto. They are changing our environment faster than anything.

Rachel Anne Osborn Martin To me, taking the very best care of our environment is a no-brainer and should not be controversial. It is just basic good sense to invest in the highest standards. All this emphasis on climate change and arguing over science detracts from what should be a unified goal.

Dance teacher sentenced to 26 years in prison

Lindsey Michelle Then sentence every child molester to this standard. How do some get away with probation? Or the North Port guy who keeps getting out? I think this sentence should be across the board for anyone who does this

Steve Miller Interesting 26 yrs... but the guy who keeps fondling little kids at pools keeps getting released out to our neighborhoods...

Robin Short Right after this story aired, the show a young man convicted of killing another young man. He was only sentenced to 12 years.

Valentin Pashtenko Seems out of proportion to other sentences (others should be much higher if she was sentenced to this long).

Man blinded in one eye after being struck by Taser prong

Luke Wilson Maybe justice is only half blind. Anyway, he must’ve been doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing.

Wayne Alderman Jr That will be thrown out. You break the law and get injured doing it, no ones fault but your own. Dismissed, move on.

Wilder Willie Harrison You can’t fix stupid, but you can lock it up. Back in the 70’s, we all knew that when a cop was talking to you, it was yes and no sir. Anything else was going to get you whipped with a baton.

Christy M King For God sake! If he was Tased, then he was most likely/almost definitely resisting arrest. Is the police officer supposed to say to the criminal “be still while I Tase you so the prongs don’t attach in the wrong spot?”

Jeremy Kutz I hope the judge tells him to pound sand!!

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