"Motherless Brooklyn"

Alec Baldwin and Edward Norton in “Motherless Brooklyn.” Norton directed, wrote, produced and starred in the film.


Rated R for language throughout including some sexual references, brief drug use and violence.

What it’s about: A detective with Tourette’s in 1957 Brooklyn uncovers a racist political conspiracy while looking into the murder of his boss.

The kid attractor factor: This is an adult drama — kids will not be so interested.

Good lessons/bad lessons: It’s worth it to always seek the truth, especially in pursuit of justice.

Violence: Some brutal beatings and several murders by shooting.

Language: Swearing and strong language throughout.

Sex: References to sex.

Drugs: Marijuana smoking.

Parents’ advisory: This period mystery won’t have as much appeal for younger audiences, but it’s appropriate for teens who might be interested.


PG-13 for thematic content throughout, violent material and language including racial epithets.

What it’s about: A stirring biopic about the life of former slave and Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman.

The kid attractor factor: Kids who might be interested in the historical subject matter may be interested.

Good lessons/bad lessons: You are more powerful than you know or anyone will let you be — all it takes is a little faith.

Violence: Some disturbing violence and abuse against slaves by slavers, including numerous beatings, shootings and murder.

Language: Strong language including racial slurs.

Sex: None.

Drugs: None.

Parents’ advisory: This is a film that doesn’t shy away from the violent realities of slavery, but it’s incredibly educational and inspiring for younger audiences who might want to learn more about Tubman.

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