Actors Judd Hirsch and Carol Kane on set

Judd Hirsch and Carol Kane, reunited on the set of the film “iMordecai,” their first onscreen appearance together since they starred on “Taxi” nearly 40 years ago.

FORT LAUDERDALE — What about the story of two seemingly unexceptional lives playing out quietly in Aventura, Florida, would attract the interest of two Academy Award nominees, inspire a historic reunion of the iconic TV series “Taxi” and end up on the big screen opening night of the 25th annual Miami Jewish Film Festival?

Mordecai Samel and son Marvin, who wrote and directed "iMordecai,"

Mordecai Samel, left, and son Marvin, who wrote and directed “iMordecai,” the opening night film at the 2022 Miami Jewish Film Festival.

"iMordecai" scene

Azia Dinea Hale (who plays a Genius Bar employee) and Judd Hirsch in a scene from the film “iMordecai.”

Judd Hirsch stars in "iMordecai"

Judd Hirsch stars in “iMordecai,” about an Aventura octogenarian who has a “spiritual awakening” after getting his first iPhone.

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