“This is Baby”

“This is Baby” by Jimmy Fallon teaches toddlers body parts.

Parents need to know that “This Is Baby” is “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon’s third baby-themed picture book in a similar format and done with the same illustrator, Miguel Ordonez, as the first two: “Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA” and “Everything Is Mama.” This one can help parents teach their tiny ones the names of body parts — eyes, lips, arms, legs, etc. They can also learn to identify their animal playmates and their parts. It’s a lively, cheerful array of diverse, happy, fun-loving babies and critters.


This cute book begins with statement: “This is Baby.” Then soon there’s a question: “What are the parts of BABY?” Then an unseen narrator (presumably a parent or caregiver) says, “Well, I’ll tell you EVERYTHING.”

What follows is a rundown of a number of key parts in pages that feature a diverse group of babies, one or two per page, who point to their eyes, nose, fingers, legs, etc. with the help of animal playmates. “This is your HEAD,” says a bird sitting on a baby’s bald noggin. “This is your HAIR,” says a lion with a big mane on the facing page. And so on, until the bang-up warmhearted ending: “There are so many parts of BABY. These are just the things we see. But the biggest part of BABY is the LOVE you get from ME.”


This simple, rhyming lesson in naming body parts is made more fun and engaging by pairing each baby with an animal. “This Is Baby” drives the point home when, for example, a rhino’s big horn faces baby’s’ nose, or an octopus is giving baby a super-hug with its many arms. The combo of images may make the words easier for tots to remember. And silly moments — like turning the baby over to spotlight his bottom — keep things light.

Book has 40 pages, recommended for ages 2 and older.

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