Plant from Latinx With Plants

Plant from Latinx With Plants. 

White elephant gift exchanges are among the most popular holiday party activities. The gist of the game is simple: Each attendee brings a low-cost gift and draws a number to determine the order in which they get to pick a present out of the pile. However, a participant can opt to either pick a new gift or steal one that's already been opened by someone else during their turn — that's when things get competitive.

Here's a list of items under $20 — some are quirky, others are practical, but none are gag gifts — that people will actually want. You can purchase most of these gifts in person in Los Angeles and at the last minute, phew. For the planners, there are some to add to your online shopping cart.

Sake set

Sake set from Utsuwa-No-Yakata. 

Uniqlo's colorful socks.

Uniqlo's colorful socks. 

Animal planters

Animal planters from Wacko. 

Goodies Santal candle

Goodies Santal candle. 

karaoke card game

AuxGod karaoke card game. 

Govee lights

Govee lights. 

Wine Condoms

Wine Condoms. 

Blooming Tea from Chado Tea Room

Blooming Tea from Chado Tea Room. 

Bluetooth speaker

Momoho's Mini Bluetooth speaker. 

Dash Mini waffle maker.

Dash Mini waffle maker. 

Typo's Double Dip bowl

Typo's Double Dip bowl. 

Baggu reusable bag

Baggu reusable bag. 

solid plush throw blanket

Bed Bath & Beyond's Simply Essential solid plush throw blanket. 

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