1. Who was Charlotte County's Emergency Management Department director during the storm?

a) Wayne Sallade

b) Brian Gleason

c) Jerry Mallet

d) Bill Prummell

2. Who was Charlotte County Public Schools superintendent during the storm?

a) Doug Whittaker

b) Dave Gayler

c) Mike Riley

d) Sue Sifrit

3. Out of about 80 businesses in downtown Punta Gorda, how many survived the storm?

a) 12

b) 80

c) none

d) 50

4. Charley was originally forecast to hit:

a) Houston

b) Tampa

c) Fort Myers

d) Miami

5. Charley was directly responsible for how many deaths in Charlotte, DeSoto and Sarasota counties?

a) 10

b) 30

c) 6

d) 0

6. Because of its devastation, Charley was removed from the rotating list of storm names. In 2010, it was replaced with what name?

a) Colin

b) Chris

c) Charles

d) C.J.

7) Charley was the first of how many hurricanes to affect Florida in August and September of 2004?

a) 4

b) 2

c) 1

d) 7

8) At the time of Charley's landfall, Captiva Island, Punta Gorda, and Fort Myers areas had been in the cone of uncertainty for how many days, and under a hurricane warning for how many hours?

a) 1 day, about 3 hours 

b) 14 days, about 23 hours

c) a half day, about an hour

d) 4 days, about 23 hours

9) How long was Charlotte County under a strictly enforced nightly curfew after the storm until power was restored?

a) 1 month

b) 2 weeks

c) 3 days

d) 1 night

10) Federal government sources clock Charley as what category storm when it made landfall with 145 mph winds near Punta Gorda?

a) category 3

b) category 2

c) category 1

d) category 4

11) What percent of homes along the Edgewater Drive corridor were damaged or destroyed?

a) 95%

b) 10%

c) 100%

d) 50%

12) During a press conference after the storm had passed on Aug. 13, 2004, who said this? “We need to recognize tonight that there are people who don’t have a house over their head and they only live down the road a short distance from us. They’re going to have a major rebuilding process to go through ... we’re very, very lucky. Just a few miles down the road there has been a great loss.”

a.) Gregg Feagans, the then Sarasota County Emergency Management chief

b) Former Gov. Jeb Bush

c) Former President George W. Bush

d) Former Florida Sen. Bill Nelson

13) Shortly after the storm, who said this? “Everyone was warned, but in the last 6 hours, something failed. There were a lot of forecasters from Orlando to Tampa to Fort Myers who believed they were out on a limb without the NHC (National Hurricane Center) during the last couple hours before landfall, whether rightfully or not.”

a) Jim Reif, then WZVN-TV Fort Myers meteorologist 

b) Steve Jerve, WFLA-TV, Tampa meteorologist

c) Alan Winfield, Bay News 9 Pinellas Park meteorologist

d) Dave Roberts then WFTX-TV FOX 4 Cape Coral meteorologist

14) In southwest Florida, about how many FPL customers remained without power a week after Charley?

a) none

b) 100

c) 1 million

d) 72,000

15) Charley's eye was 5 miles wide. About how long did it take to pass over Punta Gorda Isles?

a) 1 day

b) 3 hours

c) 30 minutes

d) 6 minutes

16) Hurricane Charley destroyed six Charlotte schools, including Baker Center, Peace River Elementary, Neil Armstrong Elementary, East Elementary, Punta Gorda Middle, and Charlotte High. Which was the last to be rebuilt, with construction completed in April 2009?

a) Neil Armstrong

b) Punta Gorda Middle

c) Charlotte High

d) Peace River Elementary

17) With Charlotte High School's press box destroyed, Wayne Sallade announced the first two football home games from where?

a.) A fire truck

b) The scoop of a cherry picker

c) A monster truck

d) A horse

18) Charlotte High School students had to attend the next year of classes at Port Charlotte High in "double session". When did the students attend?

a) PCHS students went to class in the morning, while CHS students went next

b) PCHS and CHS students all went to PCHS at the same time

c) CHS students went to class in the morning, while PCHS students went next

d) PCHS and CHS students alternated every hour

19) There was enough debris in Charlotte County left from Charley to cover a football field and pile as high as the Sears Tower in Chicago. How much was that in cubic yards?

a) 2.7 million

b) 1 million

c) 500,000

d) 50 million

20) Turner Center in DeSoto County housed over 1,200 evacuees. During the storm, what did it lose?

a) Roof

b) Insurance

c) Paint

d) Volunteers

21) An estimated 80% of buildings in Charlotte County sustained damage. About how many were destroyed?

a) 25,000

b) 1,000

c) 10,000

d) 100,000

22) After Hurricane Charley, two of four faces of the clock in downtown Punta Gorda on West Marion Street became stuck on times. What times were they?

a) 4 and 4:27

b) 12:01 and 6:13

c) 4:15 and 3

d) 1 and 8:30

23) A mobile home park consisting of 551 units of double wide trailers served as temporary housing for Charlotte County's displaced citizens. Where was this FEMA Village located?

a) Near the Charlotte County Jail and Interstate 75

b) In the Babcock Ranch area

c) In the parking lot of Port Charlotte Town Center mall

d) In North Port

24) Where did Charlotte County's 911 communications section set up operations during the storm?

a) Fawcett Memorial Hospital

b) Punta Gorda Airport 

c) Sarasota County Sheriff's Office

d) Charlotte County Jail hallway

25) Who flipped the ceremonial coin toss before the Tarpons and Pirates game where they played each other for the first time after Hurricane Charley?

a) Punta Gorda Fire Chief Ray Briggs

b) Former Charlotte County Commissioner Mac Horton

c) Former Gov. Jeb Bush

d) Former Charlotte County School Board Member Lee Swift

- Compiled by Sun Editors Andrea Praegitzer & Garry Overbey

Sources: Sun archives, FEMA, The National Hurricane Center's "Tropical Cyclone Report Hurricane Charley"


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