Bayfront Health Port Charlotte

A Charlotte County woman received a $625,000 verdict from a medical malpractice case involving Bayfront Health Port Charlotte.

In 2018, patient Russell Crouch was admitted to Bayfront Health Port Charlotte for an operation related to his cancer. He had an abdominal perineal resection and repair of prostatic urethra.

A Foley catheter was supposed to remain in place for at least three to four weeks — but a nurse inexplicably removed the Foley catheter only four days after surgery, according to court documents.

Crouch suffered a complete urethral transection and suffered permanent and irreversible injuries, his attorneys said in the complaint.

The case was filed in November 2019 and a Charlotte County jury tried the case last week.

Russell Crouch died from cancer before the case was tried. His death was not a result of the negligence alleged in the lawsuit.

His wife, Deborah Crouch, proceeded with the case as a survival action lawsuit.

She will receive a $625,000 verdict for the pain and suffering of her husband.

“A person facing a terminal illness savors every moment of their life, and the discomfort of this permanent catheter and the resulting complications further diminished his quality of life. The catheter took away from those final 19 months, which were the most precious of his life,” said Crouch’s attorneys, Keith Mitnik and Craig Stevens with Morgan & Morgan in a statement. “The hospital admitted their negligence in this case, and we are relieved that the jury saw fit to fairly compensate Mrs. Crouch for her husband’s suffering.”

A spokesperson for Bayfront Health did not respond to multiple requests for comment on Wednesday.


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