Chris Gursky, a North Port man, decided that hang gliding in Switzerland would be fun -- until the hang glider got into the air and he realized he wasn't strapped to the glider. So he hung off the bar, tearing his bicep, knowing that letting go would likely mean death. To read the complete story, see tomorrow's Sun newspaper.

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It's a miracle you survived, most don't when this happens! Yes, the pilot made a HUGE mistake when he didn't verify, 3 times, that your hang strap was attached!
As an HG Pilot with over 100 hours, I also do NOT understand why he didn't immediately circle left and land back uphill and instead went out over the valley.
Landing uphill, even downwind, is a lot safer than trying to go out like he did with this man hanging on for dear life.
You must have a kung fu GI Joe like grip, very impressive!


I'm so happy you survived this horrifying experience. Best wishes for a fast recovery so you can plan your next adventure!

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