Punta Gorda residents can expect to see airplanes flying overhead in areas they’ve never seen aircraft before.

Next year, the Punta Gorda Airport (PGD), whose sole carrier is Allegiant Air, will begin rehabilitation of runway 4-22. When the runway closes, planes will use runway 15-33, a triangular runway. This means flight patterns will change.

“When you land a plane and when you take off, you fly over specific areas that are in the approach of the runway, so there are certain neighborhoods that are in the approach of a runway,” said Kaley Miller, spokeswoman for the Punta Gorda Airport. “When that changes, the planes will be going over different neighborhoods.”

The new patterns, which will determine which neighborhoods will see new flights overhead, are yet to be determined.

A chunk of the cost for runway 4-22’s construction will be funded by the $471,305 reward from the Airport Improvement Program airport grant program, U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao announced Tuesday.

The total cost of the runway’s construction is $15.8 million. About 90% of the funding will be from Federal Aviation Administration program, about 5% is from the Florida Department of Transportation and the rest is from passenger facility charges (PFCs), which accrue from the $4.50 that passengers pay for each PGD flight.

More information about the change to flight patterns will be available in the coming months. A public meeting regarding the airport’s construction will take place this month.


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