Charlotte County’s three top administrators all got high marks from county commissioners during annual reviews this week, and two will receive a 4 percent raise.

Economic Development Office Director Lucienne Pears asked for a pass on her raise at Tuesday’s County Commission meeting. That’s because she wants to negotiate a new contract.

Current salaries for the three administrators are: $178,318 for County Attorney Janette Knowlton, $173,784 for County Administrator Ray Sandrock and $113,443 for Pears.

Out of a top score of 5 for excellent performance, Sandrock received an average score of 4.6, Pears 4.38 and Knowlton 4.35.

Commissioner Joe Tiseo gave out the lowest scores for all three candidates, followed by Commissioner Christopher Constance. Commissioner Ken Doherty gave the highest, followed by Commissioner Bill Truex with Commissioner Stephen R. Deutsch in the middle.

Constance alone wrote full essays on each administrator, singling out many other staff for praise and itemizing all of the major projects before the county.

“Mr. Sandrock’s fiscally conservative approach to management continues to keep this organization lean,” Constance wrote, “by underestimating revenue and over estimating costs.”

Constance has been the lone commissioner to object to developing affordable housing on the so-called Bachmann tract on Veterans Boulevard.

He wrote critically of Pears, saying “Ms. Pears has strong opinions about the economic direction the county should be taking. During the weekly staff meetings that I have had with her, the communication could be improved with less independent strategizing and planning. An example of this is the attempt at subsidizing and placing affordable, workforce housing at the Bachmann Tract. This has not been well thought out and its concept is ill advised.”

Doherty wrote enthusiastically of all three administrators including Pears: “In the 45 years that I have lived and worked in Charlotte County, I believe we are in the best position ever to finally break ahead economically, thanks to Ms. Pears’ leadership and the support from administration and legal.”

Tiseo asked for better communication with Knowlton on issues of rezoning and sales tax money .


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