Sweater weather, cold temps for next few days

Only a few warm spots in the country on Saturday. But it’s going to get colder in the next few days.

It’s almost winter in Florida.

And starting Monday, we’ll actually feel it.

“It’ll probably be some of the coolest air (we’ve had) in a while,” according to National Weather Service senior forecaster John McMichael.

The area will start getting colder tonight, with a chance of mild showers after 1 a.m.

Then Monday night temperatures drop to the mid-40s.

That’s due to a low-pressure area moving across the U.S., and it’s bringing a cold front with it, McMichael said, with “noticeably colder and dryer air.”

Those hardier types planning to boat this week will see rough waters, McMichael said, with increasing winds.

After Tuesday morning, the temperatures will get gradually warmer, according to Jim Farrell, a meteorologist for WINK News.

We haven’t seen this cold since early March, Farrell said, but later in the year it “will get much colder.”

“This is not critical,” Farrell said. But to native Floridians used to the sunshine, it will “feel like a little shock.”

By Thursday, sunny skies and a balmy high near 70 returns, according to the National Weather Service.

And then the sweaters go back to stand-by.


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