MURDOCK — Charlotte County Commissioner Bill Truex took one last shot at a contractor for the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office shooting range before signing a civil court settlement Tuesday.

“This item is not about a county not paying the contractor,” he said. “This is about a contractor not following the construction documents ... we’re at a point now that it’s a taxpayer waste to keep going on this item.”

Truex said he was “not happy” about the contractor.

“After this day, I will never talk about this item again,” he said. “I don’t want to think about it. I just wanted to get this off my chest.”

Bill Truex

Commissioner Bill Truex

The board voted unanimously to end a three-year dispute between the county and A2 Group Inc., headquartered in Charlotte County.

The county awarded a $5 million contract to A2 in 2018 to build a shooting range on Carmalita Street for local law enforcement. Deputies had been using the location as an outdoor range until a growing subdivision started finding stray bullets, and filed suit.

Firing range A2

The baffling system in the new firing range for Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office can be seen, because there is no roof over it. The design without a conventional roof led to a lawsuit over the construction between the county and the contractor A2 Group Inc.

Just before the range was to open, the county withdrew a certificate of occupancy. Much of the debate has been over whether the indoor-outdoor nature of the structure was built to Florida high wind codes. There were also other problems with the baffling — a bullet-catching system.

The agreement includes the county rescinding its termination of A2’s contract, but a subcontractor, InVeris Training Co., will finish the project. A2, InVeris and the county will split at additional $339,000 to stabilize the structure for Florida wind codes. The county agrees to release the $647,932 it had been withholding from A2, but $435,921 will go to InVeris. A2 will get $99,011.

No one is allowed to disparage another party, except for conversations during work site discussion.


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