Police lights

FORT MYERS — A vehicle stolen out of Charlotte County was recovered by Fort Myers police Friday.

Police in the city responded to reports of a missing vehicle pinging in the area of Edison Avenue and Midway.

When they located the vehicle, a Dodge Durango, the occupants crashed and fled on foot, according to authorities.

Officers were able to detain and arrest Curtis Buchanon, 17, for vehicle theft, probation violation, hit and run, resisting an officer without violence, and operating a motor vehicle without a license.

The passenger was questioned and released on the scene.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene to collect further information in connection with pending cases in their jurisdiction.

Buchanon was transported to the Lee County Jail.

Fort Myers Police issued a statement urging the public to always make it a habit of locking their vehicle, using the hashtag #LockitorLoseit.


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