Lisa A. Borsilli


PORT CHARLOTTE — A woman was arrested by Charlotte County deputies on Tuesday for allegedly attacking someone with a pair of scissors.

The defendant claimed she’d been attacked by the victim with “chuck meat” — and authorities confirmed she had what appeared to be meat in her hair.

Lisa A. Borsilli, 53, of Port Charlotte, was charged with aggravated assault causing great bodily harm and resisting an officer without violence.

The charges resulted from an incident Tuesday evening, when deputies responded to an alleged domestic situation on Haines Avenue.

According to the arrest report, the complainant told deputies that he and Borsilli were having an argument in a hallway of the residence that escalated.

“The victim stated the defendant was running her mouth and would not stop bashing him,” read the report.

The complainant’s name and relationship to Borsilli was redacted from the arrest report, per Marsy’s Law.

During the argument, Borsilli is alleged to have grabbed a pair of grooming scissors belonging to the complainant and intentionally struck his upper lip; the report described the strike as leaving a small laceration.

The complainant claimed that he put his hands on Borsilli to push her away defensively.

“The altercation was influenced by alcohol,” a deputy’s report stated the victim said.

There is no indication in the report as to whether one or both parties in particular were intoxicated.

Deputies later uncovered a second laceration on the complainant’s left arm. When deputies asked why he did not mention the second injury, he replied that he did not feel it.

The complainant was noted to have declined EMS evaluation.

Deputies attempted to speak to Borsilli; however, the report alleges that she was “verbally defiant and unwilling to provide a statement.”

The report states Borsilli claimed the complainant had tossed “chuck meat” at her head. One deputy said in the report that they did observe the presence of meat in her hair.

“Defendant was emotional and kept repeating how she was trying to cook dinner,” read the report, adding that no injuries were observed on the defendant.

A third party witness was present in the residence during the incident; however, the witness told deputies that he was in another room at the time and did not see the argument or alleged assault.

After speaking to the residents, deputies arrested Borsilli for aggravated battery. The report alleges that she acted “resistant” during her arrest and threw herself on the ground to try and prevent her arrest; at that point, she was also charged with resisting an officer without violence.

Borsilli is scheduled to be arraigned on Jan. 3. According to court documents, she was found to be an indigent defendant and was assigned a public defender.

Borsilli was listed in CCSO’s online list of arrests as a Haines Avenue resident, though the arrest report of the incident lists her address as being in North Port.


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