Dr. Eugene Gregush

A Port Charlotte OBGYN doctor has been accused of keying a car in the parking lot of Fawcett Hospital in January and will be required to appear in court to answer for a property damage charge, according to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

The victim told a deputy he observed a scratch on the driver’s side door of his vehicle when he arrived home on Jan. 21. Security footage from earlier in the day showed a male he knows to be Eugene Gregush walking past his vehicle with his hand out, appearing to key the vehicle, according to the incident report.

When the victim confronted Gregush, he initially denied damaging the vehicle, the victim told law enforcement.

But later on, Gregush reportedly offered the victim $500 to pay for the damage, which the victim refused, saying it would not be enough to pay for repairs.

A deputy obtained an estimate of $679 to have the door repainted.

A deputy wrote in an incident report he had probable cause for Gregush to be charged with criminal mischief and he would forward the case to the State Attorney for a warrant request.

The State Attorney assigned to the case indicated the charge would be criminal mischief over $200 and under $1,000, a first-degree misdemeanor charge.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Katie Heck said Tuesday Gregush had been served a summons to appear in court, but the case had not yet appeared on the Charlotte County Clerk of Court’s website Tuesday.

Staff at Gregush’s former office said he retired on March 1. The Sun could not reach him for comment.


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