ENGLEWOOD — An Englewood man was charged with cyberstalking Saturday after allegedly sending approximately 75 messages to a woman over Facebook Messenger.

The victim told an investigator she has known Nelson Saylor, 52, for many years, but over the past several weeks, he has become more aggressive, controlling, and verbally abusive.

She reportedly provided multiple videos, voice recordings, and text messages from Saylor, threatening if she didn’t return home to him, he would destroy her house, beat her up, and let her dogs out of the home.

The victim said she has little of value to her in life, but it was crushing to think of her dogs and family heirlooms being harmed or destroyed.

While speaking with law enforcement, the victim continued to receive communication from Saylor, including video of a destroyed bathroom in her home, with her belongings thrown about the room and several shattered items, including a mirror.

Saylor allegedly sent a voice recording stating, “Call the popo, cause I’m going to break it all. Bring them with you, see what happens. See how I flip out ... You’re going to have to put me in the insane asylum or in jail ... one of the two, or kill me. You better come home.”

Nelson allegedly admitted to messaging and calling the victim, stating he wanted her to come home, but refused to provide further information. He was charged with cyberstalking with fear of death or injury.

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