Breathe, Florida.

Gas prices were relatively steady the past week, but pumps prices are already rising again.

The bad news“We’ll likely see Florida’s state average rise again before the week ends,” said American Automobile Association (AAA) spokesperson Mark Jenkins.

This is due to refineries conducting seasonal maintenance and switching to summer-blend gasoline, which is more expensive to produce but is more environmentally friendly.

This type of gas, which is more expensive due to it’s additives, reduces smog in the hotter summer months.

Whosesale gas prices also rose by 10 cents late last week, with Jenkins predicting the state average to rise 5 to 10 cents this week as a result.

The state average is currently $2.470, two cents behind the national average at $2.492, as of Tuesday.

Florida is the 17th most expensive state for gas right now.

The Punta Gorda MSA’s average gas price was settled at $2.446 Tuesday.

The good news“Florida took a quick breather from rising prices, while surrounding states played catch-up,” said Jenkins.

While the national average gas price rose more than six cents, Florida’s statewide average remained the same.

The statewide average also remains lower than it was this time last year, but only by two cents Tuesday.

Local gas stations also seemed to take on a trend of lowering their prices a tad, with Arcadia by 1.6 cents, and Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda by fractions of a cent.

However, Englewood and Venice rose their prices by 5 cents and 1 cent respectively. North Port’s stations, on average, didn’t rise or fall.

Highs and lowsThe most expensive areas statewide for gas are the West Palm Beach-Boca Raton area ($2.595), Miami ($2.536) and the Sebastian-Vero Beach area ($2.533).

Meanwhile, the cheapest areas for gas are Pensacola ($2.410), Jacksonville ($2.413) and Orlando ($2.419).


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