Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is none too happy someone is sending letters to The Daily Sun readers with his name, address and phone number on them.

“It’s just a shame someone would do this,” Flynn said in a phone call Thursday. “It’s a little unnerving for my family. Not for me, but for them.”

Flynn spoke to The Daily Sun after he was alerted to a rash of letters sent to the newspaper’s readers who had their own Letters to the Editor published, only to receive a nasty response mailed to their home, supposedly from the former national security advisor for President Trump.

The typed letters used a simulated letterhead with Flynn’s real address and his wife’s phone number.

“This is a federal offense,” Flynn said of the letters mailed in his name. “I think it is mail fraud.”

A call to the Punta Gorda Post Office confirmed a letter sent with malicious intent, using some else’s name and address, is illegal and should be reported to the USPS by going online to and clicking on an icon to report mail fraud. A post office inspector will then investigate.

Flynn said he actually saw one of the letters when it was sent to his return address.

“I noticed it was postmarked St. Pete,” he said. “This looks like a concerted effort, and it is a shame. I am not out there trying to hurt anyone. But I look at it as a threat, and I think it is a stupid thing to be doing.”

Flynn is no stranger to controversy or seeing his name in the news. The Army veteran was National Security Advisor for President Donald Trump and became embroiled in accusations he lied to the FBI about his communications with Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak. Flynn pleaded guilty to making false statements, but later sought to withdraw his guilty plea.

He was eventually pardoned by President Trump.

Flynn now lives in Boca Royale, a gated community in Englewood, but remains active speaking to groups throughout the U.S. and says he wants to help bring the country together. He had just returned from an engagement in Dallas when he called The Daily Sun to discuss the letters.

“I spoke to a (gathering) in Dallas with Christians — they are not (all) Republicans. They are Americans. I think a third of them were Democrats,” Flynn said about his activities lately. “They all said the same thing. They are paying attention to what is happening in our country, and I am telling them how to get involved from a grassroots level.”

He said the letters someone is sending in his name are an example of the kind of “kooks” hurting America.

“Why would somebody do this to me?

“If they are trying to hurt me, there is no more hurt for me,” he said. “I just know what is happening in this country and I won’t give up on the USA.

“And whatever you write, tell people I am aware what is happening, I am concerned and it is not me sending those letters.”


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