It’s that time: to share your opinions of Charlotte County with a national surveyor.

The county participates in a national survey of satisfaction with local government. Ultimately, the survey company, National Research Center at Polco, will compare Charlotte County residents’ opinions with residents of other communities of similar size.

In the last survey results two years ago, the county respondents showed a failing satisfaction with its educational system, leading to a new local tax to boost education funding. As respondents from one of the oldest demographic counties in the nation, most reported it was a good place to retire. Attitudes about finding work were mediocre but improving.

Residents have until Dec. 27 to complete the survey, said the county’s Public Information Officer Brian Gleason.

To take the 17-minute survey, go to the county’s website, or

Questions include defining yourself in terms of things like income, location and household, but responses are anonymous.

Attitude questions include feelings about whether Charlotte County is a good place to live, is it open to diverse people, is the government open and transparent, are new commercial and residential developments handled well, is the county laid out well, how’s the natural environment, parks, traffic, police, fire and even code enforcement.

What’s the best way to share your opinions with your local government, they ask? Do you follow the news?

The survey asks your rating of local government compared to the federal government.

County officials will compare results to previous years. These survey results have been included in county commission debates on budgeting, among other topics.

Residents with questions about the survey may contact the Public Information Office 941-623-1092.


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