Ice Cream Gelato World Break-in

Ice Cream Gelato World posted this picture of the shop on Wednesday, after a Tuesday night burglary. Owner Lisa Pierre said the burglary occurred just after staff had closed for the night.

PORT CHARLOTTE — A local ice cream shop was burglarized Tuesday night.

Ice Cream Gelato World posted on its social media account Wednesday that a burglar had smashed through a glass door and robbed the shop.

Lisa Pierre, the business’s owner, told The Daily Sun on Thursday that a suspect waited until staff had left for the day before breaking in. The suspect removed a cash register and $700 before running away, including money from a tip jar.

“He was in and out in 35 seconds,” Pierre said.

Ice Cream Gelato World, along Tamiami Trail near West Tarpon Boulevard in Port Charlotte, was closed for business on Wednesday. Pierre said the shop was back open for business as of noon Thursday, having acquired a new terminal/register.

“We’re feeling positive … ready to start the New Year,” Pierre said.

The Daily Sun received a copy of the incident report from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office regarding the burglary, estimated to have occurred just before 10 p.m. Tuesday night.

The report notes employees arrived at work around 8:50 a.m. on Wednesday. The staff contacted Pierre and law enforcement.

Security footage provided to law enforcement records a man with “a black face covering and a yellow shirt” walking by a unit near the business.

Black and white footage from the shop itself showed an “unknown male suspect with a face covering, wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants.” The suspect was carrying a long metal rebar that deputies say he “likely used” to break the glass door, but “the footage did not show him breaking the door.”

The report theorizes the burglary “appears to be related to other cases” where a suspect broke into a business through the front door.


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