The Louis and Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust distributed $3.1 million in matching grants to nonprofits in Charlotte, DeSoto, Sarasota and more during 2020.

The group was able to match $1.57 million in contributions made from 6,500 donors.

The Flanzer Trust is responsible for a great deal of funding for multiple nonprofits including the Boys and Girls Club of Sarasota and DeSoto Counties.

Due to the success of the grant program, the group is extending it through 2021, according to a Flanzer Trust press release.

“The Flanzers believed in the inherent goodness in people — time and again Americans rise up to the task when need arises and is brought to their attention,” said Eric Kaplan, co-trustee of the Flanzer Trust. “And indeed, that was the case in 2020 when COVID-19 struck. People who never thought they’d ever need a hand needed one or perhaps their neighbors did.”

The purpose of the Flanzer Contribution Matching Program is to inspire local agencies across the Southwest Florida region to make a difference in their communities through gifts to nonprofit organizations that result in greater opportunities for those who need assistance.

The average donation of the 2020 program was $240.

For 2021, contributions between $5 and $500 will be matched, 1:1, for qualifying agencies across Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte and DeSoto counties in the areas of social services, social welfare, K-12 education and healthcare organizations.

“The Flanzers felt that these select agencies greatly improve the quality of life for all residents, not just their clients,” said Dr. Dean Hautamaki, co-trustee of the Flanzer Trust. “While many believe that our local agencies are amply funded by large donors and the government, they, in fact, need broad support from the public to be able to do their important work.”

The maximum monthly contribution is $500 per agency for each household.

Donors may authorize recurring monthly contributions of up to six months in advance. Participating agencies will receive 100% of the donations while all processing fees will be covered by the Flanzer Trust.

“Through this program,” Hautamaki said, “we hope to connect individuals to causes they care about and learn how they can make a difference or encourage others to get involved and give back.”

Contributions can be made via PayPal at or by check payable to the Louis and Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust at 1843 Floyd St., Sarasota, FL 34239.

For more information, visit or call 917-915-0404.


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