PORT CHARLOTTE — A Port Charlotte motorcyclist died Saturday, nine days after the crash that fractured his skull.

Justin Mason, 22, leaves behind his 8-month-old son, his girlfriend and a loving family, family members said.

His mother, Melissa Mason, said when the doctors started taking him off some of his medications, he took a turn for the worst and had two seizures. On her way to the hospital, he died and was resuscitated twice.

“Then he passed again, and they did an EEG and said he was brain dead,” Mason said. “They’re like, we can keep bringing him back, but there’s no sense because he’s brain dead. So I had to make the call to let my baby go.”

The family had started a GoFundMe to help pay for medical expenses, which will now go toward the funeral costs. As of Tuesday, people had donated more than $3,600. The fundraiser can be found on the website by searching for “Justin’s Funeral Expenses.”

She said Justin was close with his family, and they were worried how his younger siblings would handle the loss.

For herself, she felt like she was in the “eye of the hurricane.”

“I had days of nonstop crying,” she said. “I couldn’t even get on the phone to talk to anybody. I know when the funeral comes on Thursday, the back side of the storm is going to hit me the hardest. It’s tough. I broke down when I was looking at flower arrangements earlier today.”


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