Englewood homicide suspects

Jonathon Robinson, 27, (deceased), and Bradley Scheuerer, 31.

A suspect in the Englewood homicide that left two dead more than a week ago was caught early Saturday morning, five days after the homicide.

It began as a home invasion burglary on 7129 Turner St., Englewood, in the early morning on Nov. 9.

Two suspects, Bradley Scheuerer, 31, and Jonathon Robinson, 27, allegedly entered the home to steal equipment used to make marijuana wax, a highly concentrated form of THC also known as dabs or butane hash oil.

Scheuerer had been acting “erratic” after he and the victim had a falling out over the sale of marijuana wax, according to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

The two suspects told a woman inside the home they were there to rob them, not hurt them, according to police interviews.

A man inside the master bedroom heard the suspects, and a fight ensued between him and Robinson. CCSO would not disclose what kind of weapon was used, but initial radio dispatch indicated there was a shooting.

Scheuerer left the home in a rental van and left Robinson behind to die, police say.

Deputies were dispatched around 4:45 a.m. after receiving a call from a witness inside the home.

Two bodies were found — Robinson’s and the male victim’s. The victim’s name will not be released due to Marsy’s Law, CCSO said.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office deputies identified the rental van captured on neighborhood surveillance footage as the one rented by the suspects out of St. Petersburg where both suspects lived. The van was intended to transport the marijuana wax equipment, police say.

St. Petersburg Police arrested Scheuerer just after midnight on Saturday, holding him on charges of attempted armed robbery and burglary with battery. He is being held at the Pinellas County Jail with no bond.

“The investigation is still active as we work with our State Attorney’s Office to potentially bring additional charges to others who may be involved in this incident,” CCSO said in a statement.

As the homicide investigation began on Monday, CCSO stated there was no threat to the community.

“From the very beginning of this investigation the suspect was quickly identified,” CCSO spokesperson Claudette Bennett told the Sun. “The suspect was not from our community with no ties to Charlotte County.”

A warrant for Scheuerer’s arrest was issued three days after the double homicide.

A woman listed as living at the Englewood home was arrested on an out-of-county warrant the same day the homicide occurred.

Patricia Estarita, 34, was on the scene hours after the deaths, and deputies ran her through central communications for wants and warrants. The warrant she was picked up on stemmed from a 2011 arrest for possession of THC. CCSO said Estarita is not a homicide suspect.


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