A man who shot and killed a woman Wednesday morning then killed himself.

He was barricaded inside a Port Charlotte home at 912 Great Falls Terrace NW.

A Charlotte County SWAT Team surrounded the house as police tried to negotiate with the male suspect. He was identified on Thursday by the sheriff's office as Allyn Harry Harris, 70.

Harris was completely nude as he stood outside and fired rounds into the woman’s car on Wednesday morning.

The woman was allegedly found in a car across the street. The car was still stuck in reverse.

The man fired multiple rounds into the vehicle, striking the woman, police said. She died from injuries.

“I heard the shots, I thought it was fireworks at first, then I saw a cop with a rifle outside,” said neighbor Jim LaRocca.

Another neighbor said they heard three shots.

Deputies quickly filled up the neighborhood and blocked off several blocks surrounding the house. Despite warnings to stay inside, neighbors lined the streets.

“This is the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. We know you’re inside. Open the front door.”

This message was repeatedly blasted from a loud speaker outside the home for hours.

Neighbors who say they knew the man and woman said the woman was a retired school teacher.

As officers surrounded the home, Carla Smith, who lives immediately next door to where the suspect was barricaded, got a call from her 17-year-old son who was at home hiding in the bathroom. He said he heard three shots.

"Pop, pop, pop."

Deputies eventually were able to get her son out of the home.

Schools in the area were put on lockdown but reopened shortly before noon.

Police pleaded with the man, through the loud speaker, to answer his cell phone.

Eventually, a SWAT team sent a robot inside the house. Officers held U.S. Marshal's shields.

Around 3 p.m., the SWAT team emerged from the woods and left the scene.

Then, the CCSO Forensics Unit moved in.

Police confirmed that the suspect killed himself inside the home.

Deputies called it a murder-suicide, and said it is believed to be a domestic situation.


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